'Tired' new single and lyrics video from upcoming album!
New STUD album ready for 2020 release!

STUD's new album is ready. The album contains 10 new songs and it's an absolute killer! The release date for the album is yet to be decided, since the band is looking for a record company or a distributor to have the album available for the rockers all over the world.

The band has already released a single from the album. The song is called 'Seeker' and it's a peaceful ballad. No worries metalheads. The album contains lots of headbanging stuff, and it sounds great. The band agrees, that the new album is the best STUD album yet.

Stay tuned for more information about the release schedule.

Keep rockin'!

'Seeker' lyrics video from upcoming new album!
STUD released live concert in YouTube!
New STUD album "Circle Of Lies" receiving rave reviews!
'Circle of Lies' includes music at an incredibly high-caliber level, which fans of classic Hard n' Heavy sounds can enjoy all the more. Great 9/10
FFM-ROCK, Michael Tosche
This is very strong release from the veteran Finnish band. I love my Melodic Hard Rock with a bit of an edge, in the style of Pretty Maids and Treat, and STUD most certainly play music in that same style.
Fireworks Magazine, Robin McGhie
Authentic rock in the veins of Scorpions and Rainbow. 'Circle Of Lies' is a strong album with no idle moments, The album is packed with the finest guitar solos. 8,5/10
Kaaoszine.fi, Aleksi Parkkonen
This secretly polished shining diamond should be exposed to as many ears as possible. 4,5/5
Inferno, Kari Koskinen
Meaty riffs, as thick as their waistlines, pump through the disc and he has a nice line in speedy solos and the sing along choruses have a fair bit of melody to them.
Powerplay Magazine, Duncan Jamieson
Single 2017 "Hey You" Single 2017 "Circle Of Lies" Single 2017 "Eyes Of Hurricane"

STUD's 'Hey You' wins Akademia Music Award!

STUD album 2014 "Rust On The Rose"

Rust On The Rose CD is available with worldwide delivery!

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I Don't Know (single 2014)
Out Of The Darkness (debut album 2013)

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Out Of The Darkness CD is available with worldwide delivery!

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